NYU Tisch Acceptance Rate

I attended the NYU Weekend at the Square and during our academic session the dean told us that the acceptance rate for Tisch overall was 17% (higher than NYU’s overall 16%!). Why are there so many false rumors of acceptance being single-digit or much more selective than other NYU schools in general? Or do they only apply to the film program? People from both Reddit and CC have been writing in threads that its much lower all this time, and they seemed qualified to answer!

Bit of a quibble to say 17% is higher than 16%! I mean technically yes but come on, to all intents and purposes it’s the same.
Why is the exact rate of such importance to you, by the way?

@mimicry2 - it’s only this year that NYU’s overall acceptance rate was that low. 2-3 years ago the NYU acceptance rate in the 30s and Tisch’s was probably still around the mid teens so at that point it was twice as hard to get into Tisch as NYU. That’s why people on Reddit and CC are answering as they do. The acceptance rate is more reasonable than other competitive programs because Tisch Drama accepts a lot of actors and it is the single largest program within Tisch. I would definitely bet that some of the smaller programs, such as film, have a lower acceptance rate and some others higher.

@SJ2727 The “exact” rate isn’t important to me, but there are people all over the internet claiming it’s in the low single digits, so it’s interesting to me why there are so many false rumors about the acceptance rate to my future school…

It’s only dropped because more people are applying, they’re taking the same amount of students. Stern has a 12% acceptance, Tisch 17%, CAS and Gallatin are 20-25%, LSP and Tandon 40%. Tisch is still very hard to get into. NYU’s overall selectivity doesn’t even matter because you apply to a particular school, not NYU as a whole.

@gohomesweatie those numbers look dated, there’s no way that will work out to 16% for all of NYU. Last year a few different sources reported being told on the Stern welcome day or whatever that it was an 8% rate for Stern for class of 2022.

@SJ2727 Do you have any idea what the numbers are for the Tisch dance program each year?

@thedancermom - Hard numbers can be tough to come by. 8 years ago they said 10% for dance and I can’t imagine its gotten any easier. Personally, I don’t think Tisch acceptance numbers have fallen to the same degree as the rest of the University over the last couple of years because Tisch has always been a target school for many artists whereas NYU has become a dream school for increasing numbers of academic kids. Tisch has always been tough to get into whereas NYU CAS has only recently become very competitive.


Acceptance vs enrolled is probably more applicable to NYU than elsewhere, stingy with any money, the yield is something like 34%. NYU accepts kids with no FA and that is the same as a rejection for many. If that applies to you, it needs to be the real consideration. If money is no object, then use the ED advantage.

Maybe I misunderstand, but I thought that Tisch required one to audition for a particular studio. If correct, then there may be some studios / theaters which are more competitive than others. However, I am not sure that I understand the NYU Tisch admissions process accurately.

@Publisher - Tisch Drama does not require or even allow applicants to specify a studio, they only allow applicants to indicate if they are interested in Musical Theatre only, non-MT only or all studios. Effective this year students don’t even get to know their studio placement before accepting/releasing their spot in the class.

@Sybylla - oddly, it looks like NYU only made 12,000 offers for admission and their normal freshman class is around 6,000 students which would mean they are expecting either closer to a 50% yield… or they want a much smaller than normal freshman class. It will be interesting to see the final numbers in the Fall.

@CaMom13 , according to their press release they are still aiming for the same size freshman class. I’m assuming part of the lower offers # is a higher percent of ED admits, which they had previously indicated they would do - and judging by the surge in ED applications this year could probably do quite easily. Even with that, it seems a low admit rate - yet the waitlist doesn’t seem overly active (and a majority of the waitlist offers being made seem to be for spring start) so maybe they got the yield pretty much on target. Will be interesting to see the CDS data to see how much ED admits have gone up.

Yes, the CDS for this year will be really interesting. @SJ2727. I was actually just kidding a bit about the smaller freshman class but given the number of schools students apply to these days a 50% yield seems incredibly low to me. With the heavy use of ED to fill the class it makes more sense. Ugh. I hate the pressure this process puts on the applicants and it seems like that kind of approach only makes it harder on them.