NYU Tisch for Directing

I was just wondering if the Directing program at NYU Tisch was good, or if there was something that made it stand out. So far all I’ve seen is that NYU is super expensive, and most of that money doesn’t go back to the students but mainly to the faculty. I was just wondering if it would still be beneficial for me to go there.

I cannot answer your question about NYU-Tisch for directing.

I do, however, want to encourage you to consider other programs in addition to NYU-Tisch for directing. There should be a few in the Southern California area. (USC. CalArts ?)

Unfortunately, most are expensive programs.

Not sure about directing, but check out Arizona State (ASU) University, Boston University, USC, UCLA, Depaul, Drexel, Florida State (FSU), Univ. of Kansas, Loyola Marymount, Northwestern, Syracuse University, Univ. of Florida, and, possibly, the University of Texas.

Bard, Beloit, CalArts, Chapman, Emerson College, Ithaca College, Wesleyan University, & SUNY-Purchase.

There are two top film schools in the country: USC and NYU. If you are interested in film at all, you should know about these schools. There is plenty of information out there. They are also the most expensive and most selective schools (around 5-6%).

Then, there is Chapman and LMU as highly regarded film schools. You also have universities and small liberal arts colleges with very good film departments/programs. They are different than film schools which are more like professional schools. (listed in the previous post)

Film schools are very difficult to get in to if you are not super passionate about film/directing/production --which of course doesn’t guarantee anything but is a necessary condition.

Most of them are expensive but also most of them have generous need based scholarship.

If all you’ve seen is that NYU is super expensive, you haven’t been looking at the right places.

“most of that money doesn’t go back to the students but mainly to the faculty.” Not sure what you mean by that. It is a combination of things that make a school great which includes having excellent faculty, resources and facilities and alumni network, Yours is a broad generalization that doesn’t really work. If you go to a great school/program, your graduation from that program is how your investment is returned to you. Actually, this is true for any school.

Your choice will depend on your goals (each program has a different path, USC and NYU represent somewhat different approaches, etc.), which school is right for you, finances, geography, etc.

Unfortunately, the college application process is such that your only choice is which schools you apply to. After that, it’s all up to the colleges. You just wait.

Do a lot of research find out all you can about the schools then you can make your choices. Best of luck to you.

@LIVvsCOLLEGE, your interest is more in theatre directing, correct? For everyone else, I learned from another thread that OP lives in northern Virginia. Any in-state schools that others recommend for LIV?