hi guys!

if any of you reading know anything about new york university’s tisch school of the arts and their photography and imaging program department, please help me out!

I am extremely extremely passionate about photography but still have some concerns so I was hoping to get some of my questions answered.

  1. this is very general, but is it worth it? i know there's a lot of discussion on whether or not it's worth it to go to college for photography, but I want to know specifically about NYU tisch. I know the photo department is extremely competitive and they only select 36 students every year, but I still want to know if any current students/students who have done a summer program for photography at tisch/alumni have any thoughts on this.
  2. what type of advantages do you get regarding connections within the industry and specifically internships? is it hard to get an internship and how helpful are the professors when you are trying to look for a creative internship?
  3. is it hard to find a job afterwards? i know majoring in any type of visual arts doesn't put you #1 in the "most likely to get a job right after graduation" list, but I'm an international student, meaning I HAVE to find a job a year after graduation or I will quite literally get kicked out the country, as my student visa will expire. this is my main concern. i really love photography, but i don't want to regret not choosing a more career suitable major in 4 years time and find myself a struggling artist with no income to support myself. but at the same time, I really don't want to forgo my passion and something I really think I was put on this earth to do just because of my worries regarding money.
  4. i am most interested in portrait photography, but would really love to branch out into other types, including fashion photography, conceptual, editorials, commercial photography, studio work... really I'm not placing any limits! I've tried to look at current student's works but I can't really decide whether tisch is more fine arts photography oriented or a mixture of everything. just asking, because i don't want to limit myself to just fine arts. my dream is to be signed to a creative agency as an artist/photographer, or work for magazines/shoot editorials (a very big dream but i like having big dreams!)

also, if you’re wondering if i applied to any other art schools for a photography major… I did not. it is a really really long story, and if i could go back i would also maybe apply to places like pratt, parsons, SVA… but it’s too late. so my last question is,

  1. how does NYU tisch's photo department compare to that of the other ones in NYC? and how is tisch photo specifically viewed by others (important people) in the industry? i really love the small nature of the department, because i feel like that's the type of environment i'll learn and grow best in, but if you think I seem more suited to attend another art school (in NYC preferably) such as the ones i listed above, please feel free to say so (although there is nothing I can do about those schools now)

thanks in advance to anyone who answers any one of my questions. sorry for the extremely long post, but anything and everything would be greatly appreciated!