NYU Tisch

<p>Hello, I am interested in applying for NYU school of Tisch. I have a couple questions about the auditions and the school. So, for those of you who are currently a student or alumni please answer. Thanks! </p>

<p>1.sat score (Reading section, writing section, and math section)</p>

<p>2.should i submit a sat subject score? i did not prepare :(</p>

<p>3.about dance audition(ballet,modern,and jazz(?))</p>

<p>All of this info can be found on nyu.edu and then click on tisch</p>

<p>Tutu 17 is correct, but FWIW, my d was accepted to Tisch Dance last year,
1. She took the ACT, no SAT. scored 32
2. She did not submit a subject test
3. Its a ballet class, followed by modern. No jazz. There is a cut. After that, those remaining perform their solos, of which most are contemporary. Then there is an interview. They ask about academics as well as dance.</p>