NYU Tish

<p>Is there any advice for a high school rising Sophomore to increase the chance on getting accepted to NYU tish for the performing arts? Please and thank you.</p>

<p>I planing to take</p>

<p>Four years of English
Four years of Math
Four years of Spanish
Four years of Science
Four years of History
Four years of Student Government
Four years of Advance Musical Theater
Three years of Band
100 + hours of community service
Two years of announcements
With grades of A's and mostly B's
Planing to have a 1500 or more on my SAT
And with One school play. Two shows . And credited for extra in a independent film.</p>

<p>So at the end of the day I wanna know if there anything more. I can do to increase my chances.</p>

<p>You are too young to actually be chanced. In order for us to predict we need a gpa and sat/act score. Your guesses aren't specific or relevant b/c they are well... guesses. And for Tish you need to audition so we can't judge that either. Relex, study hard and come back to CC when you are a rising senior. Good luck</p>

<p>Oh sorry, didn't actually answer the question. The classes you are planning on taking seems fine, make sure you take AP/honors/IB courses. Get As with a speckle of Bs, not mostly Bs. Aim for a 2000+ on the SAT or 30+ on the ACT.</p>