Nyu transfer essay help!

<p>Im currently at a boring community college right now and I really want to transfer over to NYU Tisch for Film/TV Production and I'm kinda shakey about what I wrote on the application before i send it. It's a 250 word essay and please give me your honest opinion.</p>

<p>I attend a community college. A lot people believe that it’s a great way for students to get their education because it’s a lot cheaper than four year colleges. I believe that’s true but not a lot of community colleges offer any opportunities where students can explore what career path they want to take during their time in school. The drama club pretty much does what I learned in high school and my school doesn’t offer any courses dealing with screenwriting. This puts me at a disadvantage because NYU is a very competitive school to get into, and I know they accept people who are more active in takes part of many school activities. Transferring at NYU would be such a dream come true. I have dreams to become an actor and a screenwriter. Here at my current college there are almost no opportunities for me to explore this field. NYU is located in New York were new opportunities form by the second, and I want to be there to take as many opportunities that crosses my face so I can get the feeling of what being an actor or a screen writer would feel like. This is why I hope to achieve, my dreams of transferring at NYU where I can learn more about acting and becoming a writer. I know at NYU I’ll learn from the best and I believe through NYU, I’ll be on the path to becoming a rising star.</p>

<p>Several grammatical errors. I would focus more on why NYU is a good fit academically, they understand that you need to go somewhere else after your CC stint.</p>

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