NYU Transfer Fall 2019

Hey guys I noticed the old fall 2019 transfer thread got deleted. I’m making this one so we can share stats and updates!

Hey there. I’m a student at a community college in Arizona who just applied to NYU Tisch. I figured I would get my application in earlier so that I can not stress about last minute deadlines. Here are some stats about me that should give you a better idea about the type of student I am and maybe help you give a better idea of if I am NYU Tisch material. I also indicated I would attend Steindhart if that was available to me.

HS GPA: 3.33 Unweighted, 3.75 Weighted
Attended a public college prep high school so my grades were not stellar

HS Activities:
National Honors Society
Student Government
Drama Club
Yearbook Editor
HS Student of the Month
High School Media and Television Student of the Year: Senior Year
3rd in District Wide Film Festival

My test scores were not stellar: 24 ACT, 1200 SAT but I have been at community college for two years and have more than 30 credits so I don’t think they will look at them.

Post-high school career:

GPA: 3.848 Unweighted
Honors College Attendee
President’s Scholarship Recipient
Held Internship for 1 year at local media and graphic design company
Volunteered on three different political campaigns during 2018 midterm elections (1 governors race, 1 state house, 1 state senate)
Freelance photographer for portraits and theater productions

NYU is my top choice and I hope this helps gives an idea of who they are looking for.

You’re applying as a junior right? Did you actually submit your test scores with your application? I know they don’t really look at it if you have over 30 credits but I was just wondering if you did anyways. Your stats seem pretty strong and with a great essay I’m sure you have a great chance!


Hi! I’m a senior (lmao) applying to Game Design at NYU Tisch.

HS GPA: 3.2 unweighted, 3.7 weighted
SATs: 2100 (old SAT - definitely my strongest admission stat but I doubt they’ll look at my scores anyway since I have 120 credits)
HS activities:
-President of GSA

-Writing tutor

-I’m sure there are more but it’s been a while so cut me some slack

College GPA: 3.4
-A couple of internships that lasted a couple of months
-Taught a game development class for middle schoolers
-Ran sessions to teach creative writing to other students
-Animation TA

My numbers are definitely a little low so I have no illusions about that. Luckily I seem to be just a couple of points short of the average admitted stats, so the situation hopefully isn’t too terrible. My artistic portfolio is pretty strong (if I’m allowed to say that about my own work). NYU’s program is also a strong match for me creatively, and I have good reasons for transferring, so hopefully that shows in the essays and helps me out. NYU is my top choice and I’ve got very specific reasons why.

I’ve looked at the transfer threads from previous years–I hope this one takes off like those ones did.

Good luck everyone! I hope to see you guys there (:

@happiboi33 I’m applying as a junior, I’ll have 64 credits (give or take depending on what they will accept from my credits) and I spoke with my advisor that handles AZ students; she told me not to unless they specifically ask me for them later.

Just out of curiosity for those of you who already submitted, are you able to log into albert and then go to housing (the bursar website) and then go to profile and find a student ID number? I don’t remember if this was here and just wanted to see if this meant anything because I know NYU patched up the past albert loopholes

@happiboi33 everyone applying to ED1 could access that page.

Does anyone know when admissions decisions for transfers come out?

@jakecap1123 I’m pretty sure they’re released on a rolling basis between May and June. I spent a lot of time looking at the 2018 transfer thread, and it seemed that people got their decisions on different days, but that acceptances were notified first. I don’t have any more information than that though–I haven’t talked to anyone at the admissions department or anything.

@jakecap1123 @swimmingguy according to this link http://www.nyu.edu/ir/factbook/ (scroll to the bottom, click on the years, and go to transfer admission) every year since 2012-2013 the “notification date” has been may 15. do you think that means decisions come out then?

@theboywhodied that pdf is full of so much useful information! Thanks for sharing it.
I’ve seen in a couple of places that NYU’s transfer admission decisions are released on a “rolling” basis, which leads me to believe the May 15 date you found is exactly when they start to release acceptances. They seem to notify acceptances first, which makes sense because if someone who is accepted declines to attend, they might be able to offer that seat to someone they haven’t yet rejected (that’s just speculation, though).
It’s also a bit suspicious that May 15 is /exactly/ in the middle of May, so if their policy was just “mid-May”, May 15 might be the date an admissions official would choose to put in this document. So until we’re able to confirm this when we start to get our decisions, I’ll remain optimistic but skeptical that we’ll get decisions on that day.
I haven’t seen a specific date mentioned anywhere though, so good job finding one. It looks like it was totally buried in NYU’s site.

@swimmingguy yeah I think you’re right because I saw on last years thread that people were still getting in on June 1 (which they said was the last day so maybe they got an email?). What you said about it being EXACTLY mid-May is sketchy bc I think most colleges (if they don’t do rolling) usually release their decisions on a specific day of the week and not the same date every year.

do any of you think that demonstrated interest will be a major factor in admission? i visited the campus last year when i applied but haven’t done an official tour since (i visited the campus bc i visit the city a lot but there’s no way for them to know that). do you think i should schedule another tour even though it would pretty much be a repeat for me?

possibly. I’ve been emailing back and forth with my admissions rep for AZ and I told her I visited the campus and been to multiple informational meetings held in my area. It’s not a definite but it doesnt hurt


hi guys, I am also applying to NYU as a transfer. I am having trouble on the common app, idk if any of you guys can help me. When you enter your GPA how much credit hours should I put, should I enter only the hours I have completed or the hours completed + the hours I will get once this semester is completed? so instead of 16, i would enter 28.

@persaud10192 put in all your credits that you have completed and the ones you are working on right now. They’ll probably ask for a final transcript when the time comes.

Hey everyone. I’m applying to CAS for fall transfer. I have a 3.71 but poor HS grades and a good reason for them. I am currently sending my transcripts in and was wondering if anyone has submitted them electronically directly to NYU?

Hey everyone. I am currently a sophomore at Penn State University and am trying to transfer to Steindhart. I really have no idea of my chances so I am going to post my stats here. If anyone can give their honest opinion of my chances that would be great. Thanks so much!

HS GPA: 3.83 weighted

College GPA: 3.67

2 internships
2 school clubs
a bunch of jobs throughout high school and college
deans list 3/4 semesters
volunteer at church

applying for communications/media

didnt submit test scores