NYU Transfer Fall 2021

Hello! I didn’t see a thread created for NYU Fall 2021 transfers yet so I decided to create one. We could all share our stats/ecs and other things on here as time goes by. I know there’s still a while until applications are due but this has been my dream school for so long so I just wanted to make this lol.


I’ll start. I’m planning on applying to Steinhardt for MCC. Currently a freshman at a state school studying marketing and I’ll have 15 credits completed at the time of my application, and 30 at the time of (hopefully) admission

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Glad to see someone starting this thread!

I plan to apply to the NYU Stern School of Business as a junior transfer. Currently an accounting major at a state university. I applied to NYU as a freshman but got rejected, so I’m hoping that my upward trend as an undergrad, extracurriculars, and strong essays would make me a stronger candidate in the transfer admissions process.

Good luck to everyone applying!

Hey everyone! I’m joining this thread because I’m also applying to NYU business school for the fall of 2021. I’m currently attending a community college in NY. I don’t think I would get in. I don’t have extracurriculars because I work part-time and Covid. I’m still applying anyway. My stats are:

  • 3.7 gpa so far
  • PTK and lambda sigma member.
  • I’m part of one club.
  • Dean’s Least all my 3 semesters
  • Precalculus honors credits
    I know I don’t have a chance compared to many of the applicants with a bunch of extracurriculars. ( I’m a stutterer guy, so I might write my essay about my speech disability maybe that helps lol)

i’m also applying to mcc and from a state school! i’m a sophomore though with 54 credits at the time of applying

hey everyone! has anyone submitted their app yet

yes i have!

Just submitted mine! I’m applying to Steinhardt MCC as well! I’ll be applying as a junior. I currently have 50 credits and will have 90 credits when I transfer. Can you guys tell me how you went about uploading your transcripts? I’m a first generation and confused lol. The common app has a section for sending in my college transcripts but not a spot for high school transcript, which NYU requires. I sent in my college transcript through the common application using parchment and I just used the same spot for my high school transcript. Is that how you guys did it? Or was there another way to go about it? Thank you so much!

I think you just send in the high school transcript separately and not through common app at least that’s what I did

Thank you! I ended up doing this as well just in case lol. I also uploaded an unofficial version of both my high school and current college transcript. I appreciate the response! :slight_smile:

Hey. Are you applying through CCTOP?

Does anyone know when we’ll start hearing back from NYU for transfers? I understand external transfers begin hearing back within May - June, but is there a common date that NYU tends to release their decisions? Also, does anyone know when they release external transfers decisions for Stern external applicants?

havent been able to find one so far. im sure if you looked back at old threads you might be able to find a relative release date.


There isn’t one single release date.

i’ve scrolled through last years thread and most decisions came out between mid april-mid may with a few coming in late may- june. there isn’t really a single date that they come out

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I’m planning on applying to CS+DS under CAS. Currently a freshman at studying Economics-Statistics. I’m an international student. My highschool GPA was pretty low but with a rising trend. My first semester of freshman GPA was 3.82. SAT1490 and TOEFL 106. I got 3 APs with 5 4 4

I heard NYU barely fives financial aid to their first-years, let alone the transfer students. Is this true and if this is the case, will NYU not offer me much financial aid. Also, is the CSS profile required by NYU, cause when I applied my first-year they required it? I’m pretty sure they only require FAFSA for transfer applicants. One last question, but I don’t believe there are any merit scholarships for transfer students?


Due by April 1

I don’t know about merit aid. From a quick glance it seems like it’s school specific.

I also heard NYU financial aid isn’t that supportive, but I also heard they will give you enough financial aid depending on your situation. I guess we will just have to see once the decisions come out.