NYU Transfer Fall 2021

Anyone else has similar issues?

Yeah, I think this is definitely different. Someone on that reddit forum got into Tandon recently, so it’s still pretty up in the air.

Was he internal?

Why do I have this weird gut feeling that NYU is not taking too many poeple this time


I think it’s the opposite. Lots of kids didn’t do school virtually (my D took a gap year) and I think these schools need the enrollment. JMO

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I feel like esp. for the current freshman class, there was a drop in enrollment so i feel like theyll have a lot of spots for transfers to fill


I was really hoping for some decisions to come out today as it is a Thursday and they usually release on thursdays

Decisions usually release any day of the week, really. There’s always tomorrow!

Is it 9th and 10th of April, may and june? Or just one of those months?

What I saw from last year’s thread was a lot of rejections coming out on June 9/10 but also the occasional acceptance and waitlist. Here is my theory on why the rolling admission, and it’s honestly just my theory from looking at old threads. I think given that once a student is accepted the fact that they only have 2 weeks to decide and commit lets NYU know how many in that group will attend. If a lot decline then that opens up more spots. So my guess is they have several tiers of acceptances. The absolutely YES kids hear first, the possibly yes kids then the maybes and so on. And probably the absolutely NO applicants may hear earlier as well.

Once again just my theory.

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I also saw the last of the rejections and waitlist decisions went out as late as July 15 which is nuts I think.

That is nuts. I honestly think that is not fair with the students. Its too much anxiety for something so unpredictable. Their should be a set date, so people know what they can do for the other unis they have applied to

Also, the way this works is very confusing as well. For the Fall 2020 thread, I noticed people were being notified in one week increments but in the Fall 2019 thread, people were being notified in 2-3 weeks increments.

I totally agree. I think they go that late because other universities will have already notified students with decisions and NYU will be the last one. It’s highly annoying though I agree.

Why is there no hype? :joy::persevere:

lmao great question. idk im starting to lose hope ugh

I’d say not to worry about it too much, there’s still plenty of time. Though waiting is still pretty obnoxious…

Yep folks, I’m also waiting on Tandon. Got rejected from my other choice so my fingers are very crossed.

did anyone get accepted today?