NYU Transfer Fall 2021


Me :frowning:

me too

has any CAS or Steinhardt waitlists people heard back?

Also waiting.

Did anyone receive an update on their portal today or via email? I changed my contact information last minute so I do not know what is going on.

Hi Jason,
I’m also an international student.
Ur stats seems legit.
How’s ur outcome?

I received an email this morning in regards to the waitlist. Unfortunately they closed the waitlist and didn’t offer me a space :frowning: it’s okay tho! I wish you all the best wherever the universe may take you! :blush:

Same here. Got rejected today after they closed the waitlist ;/

Seems like basically no one from the waitlist will get in, seeing as they filled up all their spots with freshmen and the initial transfers. RIP to us, I know we’ll come back from it though. Only thing left to do is look forward, which for 1st year transfers means maybe next year and for us 2 years means getting a job after graduating or further schooling. As for me, I’m gonna sign off, see y’all in the graduate program application rat-race in 3-5 years lol. Peace.

Im sorry but could you plz send a screen shot of the NYU rejection letter? much appreciated thanks

Well guys, I’ve been following this threat ever since it started but haven’t posted much. I just wanted to tell you guys how much I’ve appreciated going through this journey with you all! As someone who was transferring for my junior year, this will be my last time transferring. And yeah, I got rejected by NYU after being waitlisted… But hey, maybe for graduate school who knows. I’ll be transferring to UIUC for this upcoming Fall Semester and I wish you all the best of luck wherever you decide to go! Peace out


let me know the result also!!