NYU transfer to UW

I am currently majoring in applied psychology at NYU. But with the high tuition and the inability to actually go to NYC, I thought of transferring to UW Psychology. I was accepted to UW but I chose NYU instead, and now I am going back to consider it (the fact made me kind of not wanting to go there? like it’s not challenging… idk)
I am wondering if internship/job opportunities are many here at UW and if it were you, would you transfer?

Are you taking on any debt at NYU? Are you in-state in Washington?

Psychology is a field where some form of graduate school is needed, frequently a master’s or PhD. You should not get too far into debt for undergrad. Also, the University of Washington is a very good university.

In you are in-state, I would send in my application well before the deadline, or perhaps now.

I am not an in-state but the tuition in UW is definitely more affordable.

I am confused whether I should transfer to UW, or wait until junior to transfer to a more competitive school(like Umich) or just stay…

What is your budget? Are you a US applicant, and if so what state are you in-state for? Are you taking on debt?

Transferring has the problem that it makes it more difficult to get to know professors which in turn can make it more difficult to get internships. You also need to get reestablished every time that you transfer. Of course the COVID pandemic creates some of the same problems.

Generally doing well in your classes plus internships are going to be more important than the difference between very good universities such as NYU, U.Washington, or U.Michigan.

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