Nyu: Transfer

<p>Hi.. I just finished my first year at Indiana University the Kelley School of Business and I will be applying to NYU stern next year so the end of my sophomore year.
my first year at IU i attained a CUM GPA of 3.87... First Semester was a 3.78 2nd Semestr was a 3.94</p>

<p>my high school stats were
exact 1800/2400... Math 710, Reading 510, Writing 580
HS GPA was a 3.2 (no honors or Ap's)</p>

<p>What do i need to do during my sophomre year to increase my chances of getting into NYU STERN.. i am goign to be a Finance Major and I am Strongly interested in Investment Banking..</p>

<p>Any advice/recommendations/experiences would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Sounds like you are on the right track. The Stern transfer page has a broken link or I would have added it here. I'm not sure how specific it is anyway. Some of the other NYU schools have a Transfer FAQ section but they are kind of vague. Just like freshman admissions, they provide guidelines but they have wiggle room and like to take a more holistic approach.</p>

<p>thats a great GPA but that reading score will need great improvement. try taking an advanced writing/literature course to get a good grade on it (and possibly a recommendation from that prof.) to offset your score. other than that, 3.8+ is all i can say. its becoming to effing competitive..and its really not worth it imo.</p>

<p>biggyboy.. i live off competition, one of the main reasons why I want to transfer out of IU is that its not realy competitive and from what I have seen my freshman year most of them are slackers.. perhaps it becomes more competitive as we grow older, I don't know but there you go.</p>