NYU vs. Columbia

<p>I have read several threads discussing the difference between Columbia and NYU, however, most have become ridiculous arguments and name-calling instead of actual discussions. </p>

<p>I am seeking a major in International Relations, Global Studies, or Political Science.
How do the two compare when it comes to city life, study abroad programs, student organizations, and overall academics?</p>

<p>I have researched both extensively, but it's hard to form an opinion based solely on their respective websites and information packets I've received. </p>

<p>thank you very much (:</p>

<p>Overall, I rate both of the schools as excellent. However, I rank Columbia significantly higher than NYU in two critical areas, quality of the student body, overall rigor of academic program.</p>

<p>which school do you think has a better program in near/middle eastern studies?? i am also debating between the two..</p>

<p>There are few students who would attend NYU if they got into Columbia unless NYU bought them with a full merit scholarship. It's not even close, Columbia has a vastly stronger student body which makes a school.</p>

<p>My take on it:</p>

<p>Student body -- Columbia is the more selective institution and thus has a stronger student body. However, NYU has become much more selective in recent years and as a result, has developed a much stronger student body that is definitely worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Columbia's. I wouldn't say they're on par yet, but it's definitely possible in the near future. NYU's is much more attractive too.</p>

<p>Academics -- Columbia has greater strength overall,particularly in the humanities, but many of NYU's programs and schools are on par with (such as Economics, Law, Business, Math, Creative Writing, Political Science, etc.) or superior (Applied Math, Philosophy, Fine Arts) to those of Columbia.</p>

<p>Social Life -- NYU is located in one of the most exciting areas of one of the world's most exciting cities. It can't be beat on this front. However, Columbia, while in a less exciting neighborhood does have access to the NYU area and the rest of NYC, as well as its own campus with more "traditional" collegiate social life.</p>

<p>Prestige -- Columbia is an Ivy League institution that is arguably one of the best schools in the world. Its list of alumni is beyond impressive, including a handful of US presidents and such. NYU is a great school as well with an international reputation and well-regarded alumni, but is a notch below Columbia in this respect.</p>

<p>Financial Aid -- This is the only category where I will say that Columbia blows NYU out of the water. NYU is greedy and has the worst financial aid in the country.</p>

<p>(I am an NYU student and have a bunch of friends at Columbia)</p>