NYU vs Cornell vs UC Berkeley vs George Washington U vs Boston U for Political Science?

I need help deciding in between colleges. Both GW and Boston Univeristy gave me 20k Presidential Scholarship. I honestly like all four schools, although the one I like the least is BU. I feel like GW’s location is the best (I want to go to law school and do politics) and the scholarship is really nice. NYU admitted me for a special program in which I’ll get to go to Florence first year which is really exciting but I received no financial aid whatsoever. I like NYU’s location and I was admitted into the Core Program, which I’m super into. Cornell’s location has some pros and cons. Although I don’t like that its in the middle of nowhere, its extremely gorgeous and it might help me focus. I got an offer to do a summer program at Cornell in order to get a head start on everything which is a nice opportunity. I also feel like Cornell being an Ivy kinda gives it a bump. UCB is amazing. I love the location and the school although it is really far away from home. Its also an extremely respected institution and the weather is the least bad of all. I feel like all schools have good oportunities I’ll be able to take advantage of. (Most have study abroad and study in DC programs) but I just cant decide which one is the best fit. There are no US News rankings for undergrad so I’m also having trouble considering that. Please any help would be great.