NYU vs. Fordham

<p>As far as prestige and opportunities and school ranking, which school would come out ahead?</p>

<p>NYU, hands down.</p>

<p>I don't say that Fordham is bad, but as far as prestige, oppounities (for internship?), and ranking, NYU beats Fordham in every way.</p>

<p>As far as prestige and ranking, yes, NYU has a stronger reputation than Fordham but it's impossible to make a blanket statement that NYU has more opportunities than Fordham as well. Opportunities for what? You need to define what kind of opportunities you are looking for before you determine which school has greater opportunities. And that is highly subjective. Plenty of students choose Fordham over NYU in spite of the higher ranking.</p>

<p>Note that A LOT of the kids at Fordham are NYU-caliber kids, but decide to go to Fordham for whatever reasons</p>

<p>Okay so, I am brand new to this website, but it seems extremely helpful. Common question here - I know sorry, but I really would love others advice, feedback. What do you think my chances are of getting admitted into Fordham University. Preferably someone who has been accepted there, rejected, or is currently attending would be great! Here are my STATS!</p>


<p>-GPA: 3.75
-Top 8% of my class (25 of 350)
-SAT: CR 620 W 610 M 600
Total: 1830
-All Honors courses, 2 AP (Bio and English). My school only offers 4 AP classes.</p>


<p>-Founder and President of the Humane Society
-Treasurer of Future Business Leaders of America
-Co VP of Student Council
-Field Hockey Manager
-Stage Crew
-Literary Arts Magazine
-Newspaper and Yearbook staff
-Class of 2011 Club
-Strengthening Family Program Team Member</p>

-150 + Hours of community service @ Historical Society, Valley Santa, SPCA
- Started the successful recycling program in my school</p>

-National Honor Society
-Honor Roll
-Citizenship Award
-4th place regional FBLA conference (2 years)
-Fallen Officers Poetry Award 1st Place
-Tom Bigler Journalism conference 1st Place
-Whose Who Among American High school Students
-Student of the Semester Award
-5 National Piano Certificate Awards</p>

-Job at Local Library (1 year -current)
-Babysitter (off and on for about 4 years)</p>

<p>-I have excellent writing skills, so my essay will be strong. It will be based on the importance of a stimulating and free spirited/ cultural environment is just as important to me as academics.</p>

<p>-About 6 GREAT recommendations
-Skills Hobbies? (Sometimes I know people ask for this) Piano, writing, sketching, cooking, animals (I am a vegetarian)</p>

<p>NYU owns Fordham, no comparison.</p>

<p>@ Ashley: Fordham should be a match school. A girl from my class got into Fordham with 1460 SAT.....</p>

NYU owns Fordham, no comparison.


<p>NYU owns Fordham...yeah, unless you want a Jesuit education. Unless NYU doesn't offer the degree program you seek and you're not interested in Gallatin. Unless you want a campus experience. Unless you need financial aid or merit money. Unless you talk to the many unhappy students at NYU. How about NYU owns Fordham only if you care about the name of the school above all else?!!</p>

<p>While I agree that Ashley is likely a match, a 1460 SAT, assuming that includes writing, is not even close to a match. If, in fact, someone did get in with that, and you really can't believe everything you hear, then there was something else going for her in her application.</p>

<p>Adding that NYU is an excellent school, no doubt, but it isn't for everyone. On CC, people seem to either love it or hate it. I actually love it. As a family, we thoroughly researched and visited both schools for my S and I know he would have done well at either one. He did apply and was accepted to Tisch but was one of MANY in the Class of 2014 who chose Fordham over NYU. </p>

<p>I think that people who dismiss Fordham outright don't really know much about it and are typically those that are most concerned with prestige and rankings. Fordham and NYU are very different schools, both excellent. I personally believe that people should choose the school that is the overall best fit for them. But the OP did ask about prestige and ranking so maybe that is what is most important for the OP. Silly, IMO, but obviously not for others.</p>