NYU vs. NYU Stern

<p>I am looking to potentially apply to NYU Stern ED for the class of 2017. Based off of my school's Naviance and other stats I have seen, I am in the range for regular NYU undergraduate admission. My question is, how much harder do you think NYU Stern is to get into versus NYU regular undergraduate? I understand it is hard to determine "how much harder" and its all relative, but anything would be helpful at this point. Comparing the difficulty of NYU Stern to other universities might be helpful too.</p>


<p>Stern=#4 or 5 in the nation for undergrad business</p>

<p>NYU=#33 college in the nation</p>

<p>You will need extremely impressive stuff for stern. a gpa of around 4.0 is a good estimate.
for other nyu schools, 3.6-3.75 is ok</p>

<p>consider stern as hard to get into as an ivy league school, but if you have a passion for business and have maybe a 3.8 and other good factors, i recommend you apply ED to stern. be sure to convey your passion for business in your apps</p>