NYU vs. UT-Austin

<p>If you had gotten admitted to both, which one would you choose? Why?</p>


<p>Why? The city.</p>

<p>On the Financial Aid, I'd go to the one that gave me more financial aid.</p>

<p>But if money wasn't an option NYU because it's in one of the best cities and I'm not scared of the big city. NYU isn't for everybody, you have to be independent and go after what you want.</p>

<p>NYU because they will give more financial aid to kids, because i would be out of state to UT-Austin, so they wouldn't give me very many scholarships, if any, at all. Also, NYU is a better school (i think) and is in the middle of NYC!!!</p>

<p>Also, that is where the Olsen twins go. :-)</p>

<p>I read on some magazine, that Olsen twins are considering to drop out of school.</p>

<p>doesn't NYU feel so......gloomy. it's like a few buildings packed together around a small park. lotta gangsters and hobos around too.</p>

<p>How is life at NYU for those who know? Is the city that great, or is it gloomy like tiger said? I heard it was a safe place. Right now I would pick NYU over UT. Stern is one of my top choice schools. But about the financial aid, I heard differently--that they don't give a lot of it.</p>

<p>NYU's campus is the city. I'm not sure what kind of a campus UT has...but your choice will depend on what kind of a campus you want. There's no enclosed "NYU" area.</p>

<p>Yeah I heard its hard to get friends. Everyone usually hangout with particular groups in the city and there's no real school connection/togetherness. does that ring true?</p>

<p>My daughter was initially interested in NYU. She's guaranteed admission to UTAustin. We went to visit both schools and she dropped NYU from her list because she just felt like she needed more of a college campus feel. </p>

<p>It just depends on the individual but we left the campus tour after only about 1/2 hour because she wasn't getting the "warm fuzzy feeling" from NYU. I could see how it would appeal to the stong, individualistic type. But my d wanted a little more community. Hope this helps</p>

<p>Texas-Austin over NYU. I feel that UTA has better overall academics, a better campus, more school activities and school spirit, and although I do not mind NYC, I love Austin. Between the two, if size is not a issue (UTA is gargantuan), I would chose Texas.</p>

<p>UT has a great campus, right in the center of the city. And students generally like Austin a lot. It's a small city with a very young population, so there are lots of things to do. It's also very easy to live in. Friendly people, low crime, lots of emphasis on outdoor activities. Austin is extremely liberal compared to the rest of the state, and pretty liberal compared to the rest of the country. (The county that inlcudes Austin went heavily for Kerry.)</p>

<p>UT over NYU ne day</p>

<p>As you can telll from the responses, it is such a personal thing. They are so different. The very culture is different. If you are trying to be pragmatice, you need to think about where you want to live and work. If You think the northeast is probable, NYU would have a bigger name recognition factor. If you are looking into the southwest, particularly Texas, UT is your school. Heck, one Bush twin went to UT, one to Yale, so it really comes down to individual preference.</p>

<p>The other factor is money. Unless you get a nice package from NYU, UT is going to be much less expensive.</p>