<p>It's the end of my sophomore year, and the parents have begun the college talks! I'm really interested in New York University. Chance me?</p>

<li>I don't know my rank yet for this year, but last year I was 3rd out of almost 500. I know I'm in the top 10% and my GPA was around a 3.8 ish (lol)</li>
<li>All of my classes are honors (no AP offered for sophs) and next year they are all AP</li>
<li>ECs- Key Club, Youth Group, Student council rep, Nat. Honor Society, ballet outside of school
*** I haven't taken SATs yet (=/), but I plan to by October</li>
<li>I have a job, and will continue to volunteer over the summer</li>

<p>I realize it's a little premature to be sizing up my chances, but I'm just curious. =) Can't wait to visit the campus!</p>

<p>Oh, My grandfather and aunt went there...I don't know if that helps haha.</p>

<p>THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! =) I'll chance back!</p>

<p>You'll definitely have a good chance. It all depends on your SAT and whether or not you keep up your GPA (:</p>

<p>Thank you! =)</p>

<p>I would be surprised if you didn't get in, but like tiahope said it depends on your SAT scores. But there are 2 kids from my school with like 2200+ SATs that didn't get in, seems a bit strange, probably had to do with ECs though, and yours look solid.</p>

<p>Thanks ActionRoad! I really appreciate it!</p>

<p>I think you have a good chance, too, if you keep on maintaining your grades and improving. :) Is the GPA you gave weighted or unweighted? If it's weighted, try to get it above a 4.0. If it's unweighted, that's a very good GPA!</p>

<p>Make sure that you prepare well for your APs next year. Get 4's or 5's on them.</p>

<p>SATs shouldn't be much of a problem, so try not to obsess too much over them. It's very easy to boost your score by 100 points, and the trick is to think clearly and slowly. (The only hard part about raising your score probably comes in when you're trying to raise your score up from a 2250. Below that is a piece of cake.)</p>

<p>I don't know if your relatives are considered legacy. I thought it was just parents and siblings that are considered as such?</p>

<p>I say you're right on track! Keep it up!</p>