<p>I will be a junior this fall, and I would really like to go to NYU for my undergraduate school. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some advice for how to improve my stats and whether or not I have a good chance of getting in. Thank you for your time!</p>

-A lot of volunteer work (hospital, youth shelter, senior citizen home, reading to the blind)
-Founded a non-profit organization
-Debate (qualified to the TOC, original oratory, policy, congress, public forum)
-Music (violin and piano)
-I am waiting to hear back on the DC Congressional Page Program for Fall 2010
-Won at a national science fair competition in Washington DC
-Served on the Economic Development Committee for my community
-3 month summer research internship
-Formally presented a research paper to world renowned dignitaries </p>

-AP Classes
-GPA: I had a tough year my sophomore year so I did not perform as well as I could have. My GPA unweighted is close to a 3.8
-SAT: I will be taking this fall. I've been taking a lot of practice tests and have been scoring at around a 2150.</p>

<p>Any chance?</p>

<p>This isn't the forum to chance.</p>

<p>Also chances can't be precise (If it is ever anyway) if you don't have SAT scores. Plus it's way too early, since you haven't even finished your Junior year.</p>

<p>Oh I'm sorry! I'm still new to CC. Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>Re: NYU.</p>

<p>Please, please, please discuss how much your parents are able and willing to pay for your undergraduate college expenses. Please, please, please run through the finances on a finacial aid estimator such as the one on collegeboard.com. Please, please, please read through the many (and often tragic) threads on CC about how lousy NYU's need-based FA really is .... NYU does NOT meet full financial need for students regardless of what their FA web pages seem to imply. NYU does put in very, very large Parent PLUS loans into their FA packages even though a Parent PLUS loan is really and truly not a form of need-based FA.</p>

<p>The hardest part at NYU for most is paying for it. At $55K with crummy aid, don't set your heart on it unless your family can afford it. A 3.8/2100 should get you in.</p>