NYUAD and private boarding school

Hi I’m a junior attending a private boarding school in the US. (intl student)

Does NYUAD accept a lot of students from private boarding schools? My highschool is considered one of the best in the US. I’m scared NYUAD won’t like students with a background like me (although I receive FA from my school rn)

Ask your own guidance counselor what their experience has been with NYUAD. They will be able to tell you if anyone from your school has applied there, and what the results were. Even if no one has applied yet from your school, your guidance counselor can have a chat with their friends in the guidance offices at similar schools and get more details for you.

@michandseo NYU is notoriously tight with FA normally but there are exceptions. A top BS will have a reputation that NYU knows about, ideally in your favor.

OP is interested in NYUAD, which in contrast to the US locale is usually very generous with financial aid. The flip side of that is that it has something like a 2-4% admit rate.

The college counselors at most BS tend to be quite knowledgeable as well as able to have conversations with admissions and their professional peers, so your best avenue might be to ask them what they can find out for you.