NYUAD Candidate Weekend ED2 class of 2022?

Did anyone applying ED 2 to NYUAD receive CW invites yet?

yeah i got it on the 11th

Ohkay! Do you have any idea till when does the uni generally send out invites?

@44fluorite Where are you from bro?

@thenameisi If you aren’t notified by the 7th of Feb, you probably aren’t going to be invited. The invites are sent out in waves, so when you’d get it is a bit up in the air. Friends from last year received them from Jan 20th to Feb 6th.

for ed2?
the cw is on 1st feb i think?

@ifkhr I think this is for RD but can be generalised for ED2 as well. So if u don’t get the invite by Jan20, I think you’re out

@thenameisi yeah i think so. Let’s hope for the best.
Do you know anyone who got an invite?

Other than @44fluorite no one. Schoolmates are also waiting for theirs. Do you know anyone?

no. and I don’t think someone in my city has applied, maybe never! Where are you from? I’m from India.

Me too! Which city?

Aligarh, UP. You?

are you on that fb group? class of 2022 applicants?

No I’m not on Facebook. I’m from Lucknow

oh! I made an account just for that group. You should join too. Lot of applicants and lot of discussions. It’s better to be there than here.

Right, I’ll look into it! Thanks!

Did anyone receive an invite yet? I didn’t, I’m scared I won’t be admitted but I’m hoping for the best.

Did you receive the invite over email, phone, or through the NYU Albert website? And did it mention which dates the weekend’s going to be?

The dates are first weekend of Feb, and you’re notified through mail

@thenameisi were you invited?