nyuad...u think i have a chance?

<p>ohk so NYUAD is undoubtedly my first choice!! if they take me in il not even consider applying elsewhere. im applying for ED 1 for the 2012 intake. here r some of my stats...u think il get in?</p>

<li>Straight 11 As (6A*s and 5As) in O levels</li>
<li>3 As and 1 B :( in AS Level</li>
<li>will be giving SAT 1 in November n I'm really hoping il get a good score
<li>Deputy Head Girl during O levels</li>
<li>President of the Urdu Society</li>
<li>Im into dramas n theater n il also be directing a play in a few months</li>
<li>Debates. have won around 5-ish and have participated in several</li>
<li>Community Service: i was the president of the community Service society in O levels. did my levels from a different school so im currently the Co-ordinator here for the helpers' society.
i also volunteered at a cancer hospital and a home for the mentally challenged in my city.</li>
<li>i interned at a web-hosting company and at an event organizing company during my summers.</li>
<li>im a blogger n i love to write (if that counts :P)</li>
<li>il be working on a research project which is currently gone for approval from the ethical review committee</li>
<li>im a member of the economics society and the writers forum at school</li>
<li>im learning how to play the flute :P</li>

<p>do u guys think i still have a chance?</p>

<p>SAT score should be 2100+ to be a decent applicant.
A levels are alright. NYUAD would probably be looking for more A levels though.
Remember, NYUAD has around a 5% acceptance rate. So only the most qualified students get in.</p>

<p>thanks. i guess il work harder for my SAT now...</p>

<p>Hello! I am also applying for September 2012. I have been living in Canada for most of my life but my dad got a job opportunity in Dubai so I was browsing through universities and I fell in love with NYUAD! Considering I have been so far from my Arab background, I think this is a great time to learn the skills that I learned from Canada and apply it to the Middle East. </p>

<p>Basically about myself: </p>

<li>Executive of Amnesty International Club (was appointed)</li>
<li>Head of advertisement for Students Union (was elected) </li>
<li>Vice President of Human Resources for the Junior Achievement Company Program (was elected. </li>

<p>I also volunteered internationally this summer at the International Youth Foundation funded by the US AID, and the Royal Children Museum in Amman Jordan, one of the Queen's initiatives. </p>

<p>I have also volunteered on the side with Inn from the Cold, the Calgary Arab Film Festival and community bazaars. I was also on Student Senate in Grade 9. These are just minor things though. </p>

<p>I am a partial IB certificate student. I got a level 5 on my biology SL, and I am taking History HL this year. Right now I live in Calgary, Alberta. Alberta has one of the most hardest educations in the world, and has the hardest curriculum in the country. Often times we get standardized when we apply to universities because our course content is much more difficult. Which I will mention in the application. </p>

<p>My average though is about an 81% for grade 12 and my grade 11 and 10 averages are lower. My grade 9 average is 92%. The lady told me I didn't have to do SAT's so I will just be taking the Alberta diploma, which is much more challenging. </p>

<p>Do you think I should still apply because I have rly good volunteering experience locally and internationally?</p>

<p>I think the NYUAD CW invitation has already passed and if you haven't gotten an invite, chances of admission will be very slim. Not sure exactly how NYUAD works but that's what I learned from the NYUAD thread.</p>

<p>NYU AD has two admission dates. ED 1 and ED 2/Regular Decision. I am applying for ED 2 which is due on January the 1st of 2012. </p>

<p>Plus I have called in to the main office many times and asked them several questions, I am sure they would have informed me that the application process was over by now. </p>

<p>The lady told me the next CW will be in February. </p>

<p>But in regards to my first question do you think I have a chance?</p>

<p>Did you get in? This is directed to Tasmar.</p>

<p>will find out today :)</p>

<p>not feeling very positive though :|</p>

<p>i am sure you will. you have a way better record than I do. :/ ugh I am like halfway done mine. I am most likely not getting in.</p>

<p>bleh...i got rejected :P</p>

<p>It's fine I probably will too. I am sure my teachers are all questioning why I am even trying...</p>

<p>rejected too... just to join the club.. :D</p>

<p>Just curious, what were your personal essays about?</p>