Oberlin mention in weird "news" story

<p>This is really weird on a number of levels. The fact that kindergarten busy work is national news is one level of weirdness. A child's precocious (some say "bratty" but I say "precocious") response to a coloring assignment shouldn't merit this kind of attention (yet here I am perpetuating this shamefulness).</p>

<p>Towards the end, the author works in a reference to Oberlin. I think the author is dead-on correct in making that observation and referencing Oberlin...but it's still very peculiar, and probably too obscure for most readers to grasp why Oberlin is juxtaposed with Harvard in that sentence.</p>

<p>Kindergarten</a> K-State fan refuses to color Jayhawk mascot despite teacher?s ire | Prep Rally - Yahoo! Sports</p>