Oberlin Parents Weekend

<p>Could someone from Oberlin clarify which weekend Parents Weekend will be? The new handbook notes it will be 11/11 - 11/13, but everything else I've read indicated it would be 11/4 - 11/6.</p>

<p>The college just corrected this in an e-mail (which you presumably have...but I'll post this anyway, just in case you or others didn't receive it).</p>

<p>Dear Parents and Family,
You should have received an email earlier this morning providing a link to our Handbook for New Oberlin Students and Families. In the calendar section, the dates for Parents Weekend were listed as November 4-6, 2011. **The correct dates are November 11-13, 2011.
* We have revised the PDF of our website. If you downloaded the PDF to your computer, please note this clarification.*</p>

<p>Thank you - much appreciated.</p>