Obsessed With Vassar- Applying Ed II-chances?

<p>Hey everybody. I need some reassurance. I am absolutely obsessed with Vassar college, and as a result, I will be applying ED II. </p>

<p>Here are my credentials: </p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 (weighted) - IB Diploma Assumed Candidate
Essays- Will be great
Recs- Are great
EC's- I have a huge passion for music (I am a classical pianist), and this is highly shown through my resume, in which nearly every activity is music related. I also studied at the Mannes College of Music (in NYC) on weekends for two years. Vassar looks for a passion: my resume clearly shows music as my passion. I am also involved with many honor societies, as well as a volunteer in my local Ambulance Corps. (In my resume, I stated I was starting EMT training in January)<br>
SAT: Right now, 1310 (660 V, 650 Math). Hoping to get up to 1350
SAT II's: 750 writing, 730 physics, 710 math IC
Supp. Material: I will be sending in a high quality CD recording of myself playing two pieces (lasting around 15 minutes)</p>

<p>I think I have everything going for my application for Vassar (Including being a male, because statistically, males have 10 percent higher acceptance than females). The one thing keeping me back is that stupid, three hour test we call the SAT. I am barely within the range of Vassar, but does anybody think this will hold me back, with everything else I have? </p>

<p>Anybody give an honest opinion about if I am wasting my time applying ED II to Vassar, and/or how I can improve myself, and make myself stand out (besides improving SAT I). Also, can very good SAT II's (such as mine) make up for mediocre SAT I? Thanks everybody!</p>

<p>You should definately apply to Vassar ED. Although your scores are a little low, you have a decent chance. If you have the opportunity, try and take the SAT I one more time. In any case, make sure your recommendations and essays are excellent.</p>

<p>Hope this helps reassure you. You have a shot at Vassar. Good luck. Keep your chin up.</p>

<p>...Well if your scores are lower for Vassar than mine are terrible... :( this is terrible</p>

<p>People, Vassar looks beyond just test scores, just make sure the recs and essays are the tops.</p>

<p>Don't worry, and just have a few match/safety schools. Have a good one, and relax. :)</p>