Occidental College Chances

I’m applying ED II, Immigrant, Female, from a Charter School

I am also submitting supplementals for the Theater department if that has any weight to it.

UW GPA: 3.7
W GPA: 3.9

ACT: 29


  • 4 years paid intern at a professional Shakespeare company
  • 4 years assistant for top Hollywood casting director
  • California State Summer Scool for the arts for Theater
  • Director of senior production that talks about mental health awareness
  • Assistant Director for a mainstage production
  • Lead a fundraiser and raised $10,000 to organize a schoolwide Commercial music competition
  • 2 years Camp Counselor at an acting program
  • 3 years Teacher’s Assistant for yoga classes


  • Emerging Young Artist Award

I just got in for ED I and I think you’re in a great position. I’m not sure if they consider theater applicants differently (with auditions and such) but I doubt it since they don’t encourage you to declare as a freshman. Nonetheless, your academics and ECs look great. I have a similar UW and W GPA if that helps too.