Occidental College ED 2019

Hey everybody! I see a trend on this forum to have a discussion for ED applicants so I figured it start this one for the prospective class of ‘24. How is everyone going along with your applications? What did you guys write about?

I got an email today saying that decisions will be tomorrow at 5pm. I’m super nervous, but good luck to everyone!

Got in with the leadership merit scholarship.


3.9 wGPA in rigorous classes
89 avg for the report card I submitted from postgrad year at an elite New England Prep School
1450 SAT(750RW, 700M)
22/24 Essay
Recruited Athlete
VP of senior class
6 Year of Special Olympics
6 APs
Founded media club at high school
Diversity Alliance member
National Latin Honor Society Inductee


26 ACT
3.3 UW gpa
5 AP’s
Lots of extracurriculars focused in the visual arts
Really involved in my school
Recruited athlete


3.0 GPA
28 ACT
3 AP’s
Econ Focus
Leadership roles in school
Recruited Athlete


3.95 Uw GPA
31 ACT
7 APs

Lots of extracurriculars in music and theatre including state qualifications and placements