Occidental College? Is it worth it still trying to apply

GPA: Weighted: 3.93 / Unweighted: 3.39

SAT: 1250; M:630 RW: 620 (31,31)

Relevant Coursework:
Advanced Placement Chemistry,
Advanced Placement Psychology,
Advanced Placement World History,
Advanced Placement Language and Composition,
Advanced Placement Literature and Composition,
Advanced Placement United States Government,
Advanced Placement Macro&Micro Economics,
Advanced Placement Statistics,
Advanced Placement Human Geography
Honors English 9
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry
Honors Physics

 Ap tests scores: 

United States Government & politics 3
World History 4
Psychology 4
English Language & Composition 3
(Taking this year):
Human Geography

Geography & Citizenship: 

Zambia (4 Years US, 12 Years Non-US)
On a G-4 visa

 Gender: female

 Race/ethnicity: Black/ African American


School clubs: Red Cross, dance club, unicef club, drama e.t.c
Volunteer at senior living home

Interested programs: 3-2 combined engineering program.

 Awards and Honors: 

(1) Honor Roll: Richard Montgomery High School, achieved it for most of high school journey. (9th to 12th)
(2) Ap Scholars with Honors: College board Ap exams award for achieving an average score greater than 3.25 on 3 or more ap exams
(3) Student of the Month: October, Award of communication-voice opinions and create interactions between peers.


(1)Taking care of an elderly neighbor/Volunteering at Senior homes: 9th, 10th and 11th grade. Managed activities for the seniors, prepared parties and functions for communication between the seniors.
(2) Went abroad back to Africa and proposed a youth organization that aimed to empower future generations. 2018 summer.
(3) Food Service Job: 11th and 12th grade. Interacted and served customers in Giant and then Transferred to Halal Guys
(4)Learning French on Duolingo (11th and 12th grade)
(5)Drawing-Fashion Design- throughout high school: Creative hobby that expanded my artistic views.

*I know my sat is incredibly low but I was planning to retake one more during the summer but I was in my country and stuff and so I had to take the December one and I really just suck at standardized tests.

Most of this stuff I added to my occidental optional resume that we can send in.

If you can afford Occidental then I would encourage you to apply. They meet 100% of need for domestic students, not sure if the policy for foreign students. They like diversity so that would help you.

I’m a current sophomore at Oxy and I had pretty similar stats to you (sat was 1240, gpa 3.9 unweighted). They also seem to have a big interest in international students. It never hurts to apply and see, I ended up where I am because I decided to go for it even though I wasn’t sure if I was qualified.