Occidental RD - Class of 2023

Starting this conversation, since one hasn’t been started!

Do you know when decisions are supposed to be released?

I believe it was March 22 last year

they sent a post card saying late march

Last year the decision was on March 21 at 5 pm (the third week of march in 2018), and if Occidental remains consistent about releasing decisions at about the same time, we should expect it on March 20 in the evening (the third week of march in 2019). This hasn’t been confirmed, but I have a feeling I am correct or at least close to the actual date.

These were both the third wednesday of march.

everyone excited for Wednesday? I’m hoping I get in and that fin aid pulls through as well!

I just got an email that they should be available on March 20th at 5pm PDT

Me too @abarl1272

I got that email too. I’m so anxious to find out

I am so nervous and anxious bcz it is my top school and I will literally cry if I don’t get in at all or get waitlisted. Ahhh I will be scared tmrw to open it .

Does anyone know what last years acceptance rate was for occidental?

their site says 37%

Hi guys, international student here. Could someone please rate my chances for Occidental? I’m super anxious about my decision.
Stats: 1350 SAT score 720 English 630 math
3.8 GPA (at least I think so, not sure how A level grades stack up to GPAs)
Strong reccomendations and ECs
President of school debates team, participated in and won at debates and Model UNs. Drama kid. Did an unpaid internship where I taught underprivileged kids for a month in the summer. Lots of general community work.

Occidental’s middle 50 percentile SAT scores are 1280-1440, so you’re well within that range. I think you’re ECs show the kind of student that most LACs look for. I’d say you have a good chance of being accepted. Did you have an interview at Occidental?

I applied with a 4.0UW, 4.3W and a 32 ACT but my ECs are somewhat mediocre; my essays however were humorous and very telling about my personality. However, I applied after the deadline (alumni endorsement, so I was granted an extension) so I never got an interview. I’m worried that might ruin my chances

Is anyone else nervous asf right now, less than 20 mins. Ahhh I hope I get in bcz this is my #1 school and I really want to go here.

4 minutes.

getting down to the wire

1 minute!