Occidental Transfer Fall 2020

Anyone else applying for transfer this year?

I am! Doesn’t seem like many people are though

Better odds for us then

Hey, I am a transfer applicant for fall 2020. I currently attend Macalester College and looking to transfer to Oxy. I hope I get in, Oxy has been quiet recently regarding transfer admissions.

I applied in late March, was notified in mid-April. I was rejected. Hopefully, this means, you are still being reviewed. Best of luck!

Oh dang, sorry. I applied on April 2nd so I hope I get a decision soon. Did you apply to any other colleges?

I was rejected too, with a 4.0 at a CC no less and decent ECs.

Hi, I was accepted yesterday with a merit scholarship. My stats are as follows; I hope this helps any future applicants and anyone else who is waiting. Also, for any future transfers, Oxy has a wonderful merit scholarship system but they do not give out full rides as they do for freshman admissions. If you need close to that, it might not be the best fit. I would estimate even with the highest merit offered you would be paying around 40k a year. I am so sorry for anyone who has heard disappointing news from Oxy previously.

Applied as a freshman, would begin in fall 2020 in my sophomore year.
Major: Sociology
HS GPA: 4.0 (W)
ACT: High-30s
College GPA: 4.0*
Essays: Good, however, I did not feel like they were my best (7/10?->Very subjective tho)
ECs: Research, Extremely Strong in one academic extracurricular, began a non-profit, some misc. from HS (some which carried over), lots of leadership in HS

I also attended one of the transfer days which was a really great immersive experience. If they are able to host them next year I would highly recommend going!
*From a CC, however, I was committed to another top-50 university but ended up not going for personal reasons. I explained this in one of my essays.

Yes, I have several other good options. The decision only leads me to believe I was meant to be somewhere else. Best of luck to you all, wherever you decide to go!

@NewDay20 Good luck wherever you end up!

Is anyone else still waiting to hear back?

Accepted, not sure about attending. Might defer until next spring because of COVID

Has anybody else been wait listed?

yes i have been waitlisted @poppyseedmuffins

i’m sorry that you also got uncertain news, but i’m happy to hear that we both still have some sort of chance. are you staying on the waitlist and do you think you’ll attend if you get in?

Me too! I plan on staying on the waitlist but I’m still weighing my options. What about you?

Hey! Has anyone on the waitlist heard back yet or know about when we will be hearing back?