occupational therapy direct admin

I was wondering if anyone could help me with what my chances are to get into the direct, 5 year OT program at SLU. I am on the lower end of the range , with ACT of 25 and GPA of 3.6. I know for the early direct admission, you need an ACT of 30 but for just direct entry , it starts at 24. Has anyone gotten in with stats similar to mine ?
Thank you !!

Hi, I’m a junior in the program! a 25 is fine, they’re moving away from standardized tests anyways. The most important things would be grades, yes, but really interest in the occupation/program. Show that you’ve researched OT, kind of understand it and shadowing always really helps on an app too! I put a little bit about why I wanted to do OT in my ‘additional info’ section on the common app, and I think that helps from what I’ve heard from people in the department. Hope this kind of helps