Ocean or Petroleum Engineering

Which major would be a better choice for someone that will graduate in 2025?

For petroleum engineering, job prospects tend to be tied to oil prices. Predictions of future oil prices made by people here or elsewhere may not necessarily be correct.

For ocean engineering, you may want to look into the various things that ocean engineers do and look into how the job prospects can vary.

No one can tell you what is a “better” major for you, only you can make that choice. I loved my job but I knew people that didn’t and moved on to other careers. All personal choice.

Also, no one I know has a good enough crystal ball to tell what job market will be 5 years from now. Pick a major that you like. The most successful careers are people doing what they like.

Invest the time to research what the different choices are. Ucbalumnus has given you that headstart for your research.

You need to define what “better” is. Being in a highly paid major that you hate is not a path to success.