OCT SAT for ED...Should I send?!?!

<p>I took the SAT 1 last weekend with no preparation, and I feel like there is an equal chance of my score increasing or decreasing. Right now I have a 2160 and a 33 on the ACT (im retaking that), should I put Penn down as one of the four recipients of my scores on the admission ticket, or should I wait and send them after if I like the score? Will the scores get there in time if I want till November 2nd to make a decision on sending them?</p>

<p>They will see it anyways when you need to send them the CB score report which lists all SAT/SAT II tests.</p>

<p>I sent my previous scores in september</p>

<p>Hmm. Well keep in mind that Penn takes the highest composite score so it shouldn't hurt you. However, you can always rush the scores after you see your score on Nov 2nd/8th and it should be there on time (even the people taking Nov SATs can rush scores and be on time).</p>

<p>I also have a question regarding sending SAT scores to colleges. On my collegeboard account, it says I have three days to change or add more recepients for my SAT scores. I don't want to add the colleges I'm applying regular decision to because I don't want my reports to get to them before actually applying. I'm scared they might just throw it in the thrash or something. However, I'm not sure if I'll still be given the option of sending my scores to colleges after this 3 days. If I'm given an option, is it going to cost more than the $9.50 I have to pay for each additional report I send after exhausting the previous 4 free ones? I REALLY NEED HELP ASAP! I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY SUGGESTION!:confused:</p>

<p>they wont throw your scores away, I sent my scores to penn in mid september and havent submitted anythign to them yet</p>

<p>Are you sure about this? If you are, you just saved me from a headache:).</p>

<p>You should probably call the schools to follow up on this but I've heard that once they receive any of your informaiton they create a file on you and then piece everything together come admissions time.</p>

<p>i've also heard the same thing..as soon as one piece comes in, they just create a file until the whole thing comes together</p>