October 2009 SAT II - Chemistry

<p>Discuss when Embargo is lifted</p>

<p>I dont think I did that well</p>

<p>I didn't really think it was dat hard...didn't really sutdy at all since the november one that i took last year...and compared to that..its was really easy...so I don't think I'll get a good score..cause I bet everyone did really well...thats what I think..</p>

<p>This was my first subject test and that was the hardest thing I've ever taken.</p>

<p>lets start with some answers now</p>

<p>the Miniscus question: 37.38
the SI question: the Nano wasn't supposed to be 10^-9</p>

<p>w8 the SI question was which was the CORRECT units right? not which were wrong?</p>

<p>I though the only correct units was the micro 10^-6?</p>

<p>yeah you're right I just the wrong thing</p>

<p>It was 10^-6</p>

<p>yea dats right...the meniscus and the SI units..what about the true/false questions....I think there were quite alot of CE...</p>

<p>hm I think I put 37.8 or something like that for the miniscus</p>

<p>Yeah, I put it as 35.8/37.8 whichever was the one. And I got around 5 CEs.</p>

<p>For the Bronston Lowry T/F/CE question</p>

<p>did you say T/T/CE??</p>

<p>oh and Kw of 10^-14</p>

<p>is the pH 7????</p>

<p>yea for bronsted lowry I put TTCE</p>

<p>yea bronsted lowry is TTCE</p>

<p>oh was the new Pressure 0.5 atm or something [i forget what i put exactly though]</p>

<p>for the 1 atm 400 K thing to the 800 K</p>

<p>I think I put pH4.. what was the [H+] concentration again?</p>

<p>no the question that said</p>

<p>Kw = [OH-][H+] = 1x10^-14</p>

<p>what was the pH</p>

<p>also, the question that asked for the Concentration of OH-</p>

<p>i said 10^-10 was that right?</p>

<p>yea I remember that question... it definitely gave an initial H+ concentration.. I think pH was 4. I got 10^-10 for OH conc though.</p>

<p>Me too. 10 chars</p>

<p>what about the H3PO4 question? ratio of H to O.. I kept getting 1:24 for some reason but that wasn't a choice...</p>

<p>tat thing was hard as ba*ls. i got 720 last june and i thought i got an 800 that time....lol wonder what i got this time.</p>