October 9th SAT :(

<p>I have this intense fear that I got like 650 v 600 m on teh SAT. I beleive I missed 3 SC/Analogies and maybe 8 or 9 RC, because they were so hard, I didn't omit any in verbal. In Math I omitted like 5 and I believe I got like 5 wrong. Please tell me I have a good chance of scoring above a 1300.</p>

<p>you have a good chance</p>

<p>Can someone please tell me the TRUTH?</p>

<p>if you missed 11 verbal, 78-(11+(11/4))=64.25
scaled=660-690 according to 10rs</p>

<p>for math, 60-(10+(5/4))=48.75

<p>or something like that, anyway. :)</p>

<p>argh i hate the 2 weeks inbetween test day and getting my score, i go through phases where i think i aced it, and then start thinking about if i misgridded problems, and i get nervous all the time...ahhh stressful</p>

<p>If what your saying is true, then I'll score over a 1300 and I'll be able to go to Bentley!!! If i take the lowest 2 it would be 660+660=1320 and the highest 2 that would be 690+680=1370.:) I wouldnt mind anything in the 1300's or even 1400 if my predictions were wrong.</p>

<p>By the way, the October math section is taken from two sources (one from 2002 March, one from 2003 November), depending on which version you get; the math is pretty EASY this time; i pretty sure the top math curve will be (I'm at least 90% confident):</p>

<p>raw scale
60 800
59 790
58 770
57 750
56 730
55 720
54 710
53 700</p>

<p>Actually, anastasia_b, she could have missed those 5 questions in the quantitative comparison section, so maybe it would be -5/3 rather than -5/4. This would lower the score a little bit...</p>