October 9th Scores Are Up!

<p>I'm just pulling your leg! GAWD, I can't wait! I will scream in orgasmic pleasure if I break 1500! C'mon, just 80 points! If somehow things turn askew, I will rape the refridgerator in despair! HELP ME, LORD! SCREW IT. BACK TO AP ENGLISH HW... EVIL TEACHER. DORIAN GRAY IS GAY.</p>

<p>bstad... i thought the scores were up for real this time. Thats all i have been doing all day today. Refreshing the bloody page. Cant seem to get an work done until i get those scores... hoping to achieve something in the 1400 ranges. <em>praying hard</em><em>fingers crossed</em><em>touches wood</em>....
btw is it better if i got say M:800 and Verbal 580
or M:700 V:680..........combined score is the same and i am an international student applying for engineering, at cornell, carnegie mellon, georigia tech, michigan, ...</p>

<p>well if you're applying for engineering i'd say the 800 math, but it would show great determination if as an international studnet you got a 680 verbal. each is to your adv.</p>

<p>I'm not too sure about this, but don't most tech schools require SAT II's, one being a math and another being either chem or physics? If you can get 800's on those, then it would probably be better to get the 700, 680, because the 700 would just mean that you missed ones that trick you, plus you get that high verbal score (well, high for me, anyway). Have you taken any SAT II's?</p>

<p>umm, i am taking my SATII's on November 6th. in Maths IIC, Physics nd Writing. I am hoping to get scores in the high 700's for Maths nd Physics. Not too sure about the writing ( 580 - 650)... btw i am a 800 M, 580 V person... still waiting for my October results... very curious to know what i got</p>