October SAT and Early Decision Deadline?

So… I’m planning to take the October SAT as my last reasoning before sending my common app application. I want to apply to NYU Stern in November for the Early Decision I. Will I still be able to include my October test score for my common app? If I send the score on the day it is released, will it be fast enough to reach NYU before the deadline?(I heard it takes three weeks to process and send the score to universities)

And also what scores are considered “safe” for NYU Stern…

I don’t know specifically about NYU, but I know that a lot of other schools let you take the October test and still apply early! I think the scores either arrive in time/ they don’t mind if the scores are a little past the deadline. Plus, considering the fact that everything got all messed up with the June test, I would bet that a lot of school will be pretty lenient with people wanting to send in October scores. But to be sure you should check the website.

I googled NYU Stern average SAT score and it says that the average score is a 1432. If you do a little more digging you should be able to find the percentiles for their SAT scores (e.g. If their 25th percentile score was a 1360 and their 75th percentile score was a 1500 i completely made these numbers up btw). Typically, if your score is below the twenty fifth percentile, that score is a high reach. If you score in the middle fifty percent, that school could be a match or low reach, and if you are above the 75th percentile score that school is a safety.

However, when applying to really selective schools you have to keep in mind that most applicants are highly qualified and the admissions officers have the liberty to consider things other than scores, so a SAT score above the 75th percentile does not necessarily guarantee you admission. Look on the school’s website, it will be able to verify everything I have said! They probably have a tab for early decision answering whether they accept October scores, or you could call the admissions office. If they don’t, or if you think you may need more than one sitting to score competitively, you should apply under regular decision.

Good luck! Do your research on their website!

Deadline is November 1.
October SAT scores come out October 22 and it takes 2 business days to deliver which is October 27 so it’s a couple days before the deadline.
SAT Scores:Probably around a 2000-2100 to be in the middle of NYU.

Keep in mind the 1432 is out of 1600.

Oh yeah I forgot to say that the average I looked up was out of 1600!

oh okay
Thank you for the replies everyone!

one bit of advice: for vital info like deadlines, you should first refer to the college’s own website first and foremost. the info here given to you is correct – but you don’t want to risk that. I see crazy posts here all the time, asking extremely critical advice – hoping that some random stranger is correct = bad strategy