October SAT II and Early Action??

<p>I'm applying early action to Stanford and want to get my application in as soon as possible! All of my essays, short answers, letters of rec, etc are done and I sent my SAT scores, but I recently retook one of my subject tests on Saturday. On college board, it says it will send my October test dates along with all the other ones after they have been released. But on my common app I didn't enter a score for my October test. Is that okay? I feel like a lot of people would have an issue like this so there must be an answer. Can I submit my application this weekend even though my scores won't be sent until the end of October? And will Stanford even review my application before they receive my SAT scores?
My counselor said that submitting early gives you an edge, so I want to submit it ASAP, but if they won't review my app until they get my scores, which is the end of October at the earliest, I might as well wait, right?
Sorry, I'm stressing out, just looking for an answer, please! Thanks to anyone who can help!!</p>

<p>OP. No need to stress. First of all, the October SAT Subject tests will be fine for the REA evaluation. Second, there is no need to worry about whether you submit on September 1 or by November 1 (Oct 15 for those with Art supplements) to get an “edge”…they will all be treated “equally”…</p>

<p>…after all, they are looking for the best of the best students…not necessarily the early bird…</p>

<p>…good luck!</p>