October Sat Scores?!

<p>Applying ED---I took the October Sat 2's and when I registered to take them, I registered to send them to Columbia. I had never sent them any scores beforehand and my october scores aren't in yet so they have no scores for me. Have all your october scores been received already?</p>

<p>my October SAT scores haven't been received by Columbia either. I called Columbia and they told me it was possible that they have received my scores but they not yet processed them. Then the guy said that if he didnt receive my scores at all Columbia would send an email alerting you that application is incomplete.</p>

<p>mine aren't in either. i think they jsut have a huge pile of stuff to go through and they're doing the other stuff first, because all of my other stuff is in. so I wouldn't worry about it.</p>

<p>It has been a couple of years since my daughter applied but I remember the admissions office being slow to acknowledge receipt of paperwork. I think that insntynonchalan is right in assuming that they have a pile of paperwork to sift through and it will take some time.</p>

<p>I called the Collegeboard at 609-771-7600 ext. 0 and asked if my Oct SAT scores had been sent to Columbia yet, and the person told me that they had been sent. So I'm guessing that like insntynonchalan said...Columbia just has a lot of paperwork.</p>