odd ecs

<p>what if you have unconventional ecs? well you have art but a few strange ones that you really like. you didnt do research and not a math whiz champion type.. but you love to write and thats probably the only academic honor thing and you don't have math awards or something, not part of varsity sport.. etc. how would colleges view ecs that might be obscure? will they go "weirdo! reject.. next.." ??? do colleges use ecs to determine if you match their college personality or student body or to look at it as a way to see if you'll fit in? just wondering.</p>

<p>They can. I don't think they care what your EC's ARE, as long as you have them and it's obvious that you love them. To them, someone who was active and a leader in high school will most likely be active and leader in college, thus fleshing out their campus. On the plus side, they see so many Science Olympiad, math award, research-type people that a writer might be a breath of fresh air. But they are also building a class. They need people to play in their orchestra, they need people to play sports, they need actors and journalists and political groupies and such. In some cases, however unique your ECs are may be what makes you stand out.</p>

<p>However, I personally don't see writing as an obscure EC. Many people, myself included, write and have received many awards for writing. You might want to elaborate on what makes your brand of writing unconventional. If it is in fact not so obscure, then your fear is alleviated. It also depends on where you want to go. You have to figure that pretty much any LAC-ish school (especially AWS and even places like Oberlin) can expect strong writers to apply, whereas science-tech type places (like MIT) will have more math-science people. Thing is, unless you were math-science (which you say you're not), you wouldn't apply to MIT or Cal Tech in the first place. See what I mean? Any school that you'd probably be interested in as a writer would take being a strong writer as a given, and might expect you to bring something else to the table.</p>

<p>oh I don't mean writing (even though I love that) but I have some other ecs that are not common ad I got worried. I understand now ..thanks so much.</p>