Odd situation

<p>I'm a new student starting in the fall at the Faculty of Agricultural and Envi Sciences, because i did not get into the Faculty of science, where I wanted to. I plan to transfer ASAP. I'm also living downtown and plan to commute. I have, according to this Advanced</a> Placement Examinations 29 credits. I've been told that if I'm entered into the system as U0, i can only take 8 credits downtown, whereas, if I'm entered as U1, i can take more, and the person I spoke to was not sure which I would be entered as. How/when can I find out, and generally, does anyone here have any advice?</p>

<p>i think U1 although idk for your faculty.</p>

<p>call enrollment services and ask them</p>

<p>they should tell you</p>

<p>Enrolment</a> Services</p>

<p>I asked a similar question to the freshman advisor. I have 30 credits currently from my APs, and apparently it places me between U0 and U1. In Mid-August, they review students in similar positions on a case by case basis in order to determine whether we are U0 or U1. It probably depends on how many of the freshman courses you have been exempted from and such. I'd email the freshman advisor just to make sure.</p>