Odds of a Montrealer getting in at top schools (HELP)

Hello all (first post)
I’m a Canadian student from Montreal (English second language). I am trying to evaluate my chances at getting into a top school (ranked better than mcgill in Montreal). What school would be worth moving away from home for? I went down to Harvard for a soccer camp and they liked what they saw (could be my hook). Also, should I try my chances early action/decision?

Scores: ACT: 33, 36E, 35M,32R, 30S (first try, is it worth the rewrite)
SAT 2200 (which should I submit)

EC’s: Alzheimer’s care worker, coached soccer special olympics, hospital lab work (transplants), semi professional soccer experience (recruited to some D1, D2 schools but nothing academically strong), elite hockey (played U21 as a 17 year old in montreal). A bunch of other volunteer stuff. First non-practicing Christian to be selected as a student leader of a religious retreat at my high school. Started a crash course tutoring company, internship at beverage distributor this summer…

4.0 GPA, top 10% of health program at my school (no rank beyond that).

Let me know what you all think, was looking at Harvard early action but I’m unsure if its too much of a reach…

Thanks for the help.


Internship or summer job?

considered internship on contract

Just be careful, top schools are good at deflating puffed up applications.

If you are a recruited athlete at Harvard, it is a hook. Otherwise going to a soccer camp there is not a hook.
And unless you are a recruited athlete, your chances would be the same as everyone else – slim but if you love the school apply and see what happens.

what would be the difference in the eyes of an ad-off between intern and employee

What did you do on the job? What responsibilities did you have?

worked with a sales team of 5 people managing the company’s eastern canadian customers, mostly sales and was able to expand into an untapped market…nothing huge but i wasn’t bagging groceries

As a fellow Canadian (although from out west), I totally understand your dilemma. For me, it’s mostly a matter of prestige/actual benefits vs. cost. If you can get a MES at McGill, then I would say you should only really go for the truly elite schools (HYPSM come to mind).



McGill is so cheap for Montreal residents. Just go there for undergraduate studies. Apply to elite universities for graduate or throw in some apps to ivies. Otherwise I don’t know how you could turn down the dirt cheap tuition for Montreal residents.

Are you or are you not a recruited athlete?