Odds of Admission to UPenn?

<p>What do you think my odds are of getting into the University of Pennsylvania?</p>

<p>GPA. 4.02/4.33 unweighted<br>
S.A.T. - 2350/2400 (M-800, R-800, W-750); A.C.T. - 35<br>
SAT II –Math 800 SAT II – Physics 800</p>

Student Council
President – 12th Grade
Secretary- 11th Grade
Internal Committee Chairman– in charge of school dances/pep rallies – 11th Grade
10th Grade Student Council Officer – 1 of 3 positions elected by peers.<br>
9th Grade Student Council Officer – 1 of 3 positions elected by peers.<br>
Varsity Wrestling – Letterman 9th, 10th, and 11th grades
Varsity Track – Letterman 9th, 10th, and 11th grades
Varsity Football –Letterman 11th and 12th grades, JV Football 9th and 10th grades
Tour guide/Recruiter for School – selected by faculty/administration</p>

Youth Council of Oklahoma City – 1 of 18 students selected from pool of applicants throughout the metro area to be a student voice on the City Council and represent
Ward 2 with Councilman Bowman and the Oklahoma City mayor. 2008-2009
Eagle Scout – Boy Scouts of America August 2006
Youth Group
VP Programming 2009-2010
VP Religious/Cultural 2008-2009
VP Membership 2007-2008
Event Chairman and Service Committee 2006-2007</p>

Princeton Club of Oklahoma City Award – given to the outstanding Sophomore boy-<br>
Commencement 2008. Voted by faculty.
Vanderbilt Award – awarded to one Freshman boy who demonstrates outstanding personal character and academic promise. Voted by faculty. Commencement 2007
Selected as Page for State Senator Cliff Branen – Feb 2008
Governor Henry Commendation- Eagle Scout October 2006</p>

National Merit Semifinalist- 2010
Cum Laude Society – 1 of 7 Juniors selected by faculty and peers for this honor society.
AP Scholar with Distinction/National AP Scholar 2009- for 8 AP tests with grades 4+
AP Scholar Award 2008- for 3 AP test scores 4+
Oklahoma Noble Scholar Award- given to the sophomore boy with the highest GPA –
Commencement 2008.
Botkin Award – outstanding thoughtfulness and insight in U.S. History. Commencement 2009.
National Physics Exam – 1st place 2009 (including AP Physics students)
National Chemistry Exam – 1st place 2008 (including AP Chem students)
National Biology Exam – 2nd place 2007 (including AP Bio students)
National Latin Exam – 1st place 2008
1st place 2007<br>
National Spanish Exam – 2nd place 2009
1st place 2008
1st place 2007
National Society of High School Scholars – nominated by school 2008</p>

Three Sport Letterman Award 2008-2009
Conference – All Conference North Zone – Track 2009
Conference – All Conference Honorable Mention – Track 2009
Most Improved Player – Track 2008-2009
Selected as the School Athlete of the Week for wrestling – February 2009
Selected as the School Athlete of the Week for wrestling – February 2008
Conference- All Conference Honorable Mention- Wrestling 2007 </p>

Sunday School Teacher – 3 hours/week during school year. 2009-2010
Arcadia Tree Farm – Laborer. Summers 2009 and 2008. 30 hours/week
Lawnmowing business. Spring/summer/fall 2006- 2009. 3 hours/week
Mackie McNears Steakhouse – Summer/fall 2007. 20 hours/week</p>

<p>Personally I wouldn't worry.</p>

<p>ur pretty much in if u apply ED. good luck!</p>

<p>The oklohoma is nice... but... what is a national exam?</p>

<p>Now, regardless of it says "national" or not I know it's certainly not prestigious... I would now about at least the physics one >.> (trust me on that one.)</p>

<p>So I guess what I'm asking is, is that legit, or are you B.Sing. If legit, what national exam are you refering to...</p>

<p>hahaha it's not legit. It's at the bottom of my resume for a reason
It really is called the national ____ exam, but as far as the place, that's just within my school</p>

<p>okie, you apply ed?</p>

<p>ya...very nervous waiting</p>

<p>good luck! =]</p>

<p>Oh ok... lmao xD</p>

<p>Well, good luck :D</p>

<p>OPkie99 u applied to SEAS?</p>

<p>yea, you're in good shape</p>

<p>I's say ur peety much set let us know if u got in</p>