Odds of getting admitted into Berkley?

<p>Hey everyone, so I want you guys to tell it to me straight, what are the chances of me getting admitted into Berkley.</p>

<p>My Stats:
- 4.0 UC Weighted GPA
- 600 Math Level 2 SAT II
- 770 US History SAT II
- I took the SAT Reasoning Test in June and am predicting between a 2000-2100.
- 3 Years thus far of JV Golf
- 150 Hours of Volunteer Work</p>

<p>I feel that my stats are pretty good, however I am a little concerned because my schedule is not all that rigorous in comparison to my peers. I'm taking Honors Physics, Honors Precalculus, AP/IB US History, Spanish III, and regular English III this year. I'm also going to retake the subject tests in the fall and try to get at least a 650 on math and an 800 on both World History and US History. If you guys don't think I have a chance of getting into Berkley, then what schools will I have a chance of getting into? I'll also be applying as a History major if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>Maybe 35 percent chance to get into Berkeley... if you don't, all the other UC's are fair game.</p>