Odds of getting into nursing program?

Hi there, I’m currently a high school senior applying to UCI Nursing. I was just wondering what my odds are based on some of the following info…

-4.32 GPA
-No SAT because COVID and all
-Class President 4 years (organized Homecoming float during teacher strike, planned junior prom, fundraisers, meetings, etc)
-Surf camp instructor 4 years
-Volunteered with local surfrider foundation and started local movement, even got featured in newspaper!
-Cal State History Day finalist
-Two healthcare career education seminars on Zoom (1st one was local and 4 weeks, 2nd is through UC Davis and will be about 6 weeks)
-Was signed up for a program where I do hospital rotations for the summer but COVID cancelled it

I have some more things but these are my major achievements I’d say.

Does anyone happen to know how many students got accepted Fall 2020 and what their average GPAs were? I read that nursing prioritizes by GPA so I was wondering if I even stand a chance. Thanks.

UCI has not posted their 2020 admission stats but based on the last few year’s admitted students data, your GPA and EC’s are competitive. With around a 3.5% historical acceptance rate or less, it should be considered a Reach school.

Since test scores are not a consideration, all admissions will be unpredictable so apply widely and best of luck.