odds of me getting in

<p>What are the odds of me getting into West Point (USMA)?
I'm going into my junior year in high school. </p>

<p>Here is my academic info up until now and going into next year:
GPA: 3.61 (I plan to bring this up to a 3.75 by the end of junior year)
*My GPA listed above is an Unweighted GPA. My weighted GPA is probably around 4.05.
SAT: 650 writing, 750 math, 700 verbal (2100 total- I took this with little preparation during my
sophomore year)
SAT Subject Tests: Biology-730
All Honors Classes (will be taking 3 AP's next year)
Will Most likely be accepted into the National Honor Society
Will most likely be accepted into the Math Honor Society
My school does not rank students because (apparently) it causes excessive competition between the students, especially in a blue ribbon school district.</p>

<p>Here is my Athletic information:
Junior Varsity Cross Country and Track
(will most likely make varsity in both sports in Junior Year)
Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
I also swim on my own as if I was training for the swim team. However, I am not actually on the team</p>

Swimming Instructor/Lifeguard for YWCA Aquatics
Life Scout (working on Eagle)
Staff Member of the National Youth Leadership Training Course*(see note)
Future Problem Solvers Club
Red Cross Club</p>

<p>Teacher Recommendations:
-My Social Studies Teacher who is a Colonel and served in the Marines in Vietnam
-My Math Teacher
-My Computer Science Teacher
-My Track/Distance coach
-My Tae Kwon Do instructor
-My boss at YWCA
-My scout master</p>

This summer, I will be working at Columbia University as a volunteer.
Last summer, I worked at a Boy Scout Summer Camp.</p>

<p>*NYLT: National Youth Leadership Training is a leadership course designed as a team by West Point and the Boy Scouts of America. I currently and on staff for that course. It focuses on developing one's character mentally and morally.</p>

<p>Keep up the good work and grades. And build a good relationship with your English teacher next year. You'll need teacher recs from English, Math and Physics or Chem as well as coaches. Also, make sure your guidance counselor knows who you are as this is another rec you'll need. Show leadership in your sports and strive to be named a captain of one of your teams. Apply for SLS and Boys State for next summer. Make sure you have Plan B and C. Look at colleges with strong ROTC programs.</p>

<p>momoftwins, Thank you for your input. I was just wondering, my high school does not rank students. I read on another site that West Point looks for a good class rank. In order to make up for the fact that a class rank is not applicable to me, what cumulative GPA do you think I should have by the end of junior year in order for my application to be considered?</p>

<p>Your accomplishments are stronger than some I know of currently at WP. The unknown factor is going to be how hard it is to get a nomination in your area. You will want to get your file complete as early as possible your senior year (read: September). Make sure you get busy on your project so you can add Eagle to your accomplishments when you submit your application.</p>


<p>More and more schools are refusing to provide class ranks. WP Admissions will "assign" a rank for you. If your school will not provide a rank, it will likely let Admissions know if you are in the top 10%, top 20%, etc. I understand that will combine with your ACT/SAT scores to produce your rank.</p>

<p>As far as nominations go, I live in NJ. Anyone know how hard nominations will be here?</p>