ODU Housing

<p>I'm looking for decent 2 bedroom apartment near the ODU campus (Norfolk, VA). I've been researching online but could use some opinions from people familiar with the area. If you have any suggestions i'd appreciate it.</p>


<p>Find a place in Ghent, West Ghent, Larchmont or Colonial Place. The area around campus is getting nicer all the time on the north and east sides so a lot of the old cheaper apartments have been torn down. There are good places around that you may be able to afford if you look hard. Stay out of Lamberts Point on the south side of campus if you can. I rented on Hampton Blvd around 22nd street and had no problems. It was cheaper because of the busy street location. Good Luck.</p>

<p>A lot of the houses between Colley and Hampton - behind the Ted, have recently been renovated and you can walk to campus. There are also some new apartment complexes going up but they are pricey.</p>

<p>I live a 4 bedroom apartment at the District. (google: the district at ODU for more information). </p>

<p>I want to sublease my apartment starting MAY 1 if interested. My lease ends in August, and you can pick it up for the following year if it's available. I live with 3 quiet girls, so it's basically like having your own place.... The rate for my room is $675, but starting in September the rates go up for the following year lease... but I forgot how much the rate increases. Let me know if interested asap....2 week deadline.</p>

<p>I have a district apartment available starting ASAP! I need to move out as soon as I can!! All the rooms have their own bathroom and I have two closets in my room. There is also a 24 hour gym. As well as a pool and hot tub and tanning. All of these are free amenities including printing and a clubhouse with tv's and pool tables.</p>