Odyssey of the mind

<p>D just back from competing in Michigan at the Odyssey of the Mind World competition. Anyone else have a S or D involved? I have found it to be an incredible experience for D. She has done it for 9 years. Great for thinking outside the box, creativity and team building. Wonderful life skills!</p>

<p>My son was involved in that many, many years ago when he was quite young. He went to the world championships too. What an amazing experience, the entire thing. The preparation, performance, all of it. We still have tons of the pins!</p>

<p>Yes...the pins are quite the thing at the World championship!</p>

<p>My kids also did it years ago and absolutely loved it. We went to the World competition three times. Where in Michigan was it this year?</p>

<p>It was at Michigan State Univ. My good friend from work is one of the OM coaches for her S's high school team that competed there this weekend. He has been doing OM for five years. Last year his team went to the World competition in Iowa.</p>

<p>The team has been practicing in my friend's garage every Sunday afternoon for the entire school year. It really takes a lot of dedication.</p>

<p>My boys did it for a few years. I agree it was a wonderful experience. My son does Robotics now and there are a lot of things about that that reminds me of OM.</p>

<p>I have been a coach, all 4 children were in it, I was on the local board, a local judge and a World Finals Judge. It is a wonderful program. My basement never recovered from the paint, tape and strange concoctions. . My teams always had mostly boys on them. It is some of my fondest memories. I always think of Odyssey of the Mind when I watch Apollo 13. I still have my pin towel and collection from 1997-1999 world finals with my prized China pin, among others..</p>

<p>S has been an Omer for 5 years now and loves it. His team has gone to state competition, but much to their disappointment did not get to worlds. I suspect they will try again next year.</p>

<p>OM is a terrific activity. Congrats to your D on going to worlds! Maybe we will see you there next year:)</p>

<p>fallgirl, my d did it for the past 9 years, they made it to states many times, but this is the first time they advanced to Worlds. I hope your S continues to participate. I love OM, and yes Singersmom07,my basement is full of paint, duct tape, costumes, supplies! But it is worth it!!!</p>

<p>My younger daughter did it for a few years and loved it. The year my wife coached them, they won state, went to world and came in second in their category.</p>

<p>Just read in this mornings newspaper that the OM team from an elem. school in our area took first place in their category at the world competition this weekend..cool.</p>

<p>My son never participated, but I was a coach back in the mid '80's. I even have a t-shirt with "Olympics of the Mind" on it. I had a magical Division II team which took the World Championship two years in a row. I also judged for a while and played Omer one year. I also knew Sam Micklus since I live near the Glassboro area. I have many fond memories from my OM times.</p>

<p>I did Odyssey of the Mind in high school. It's a fantastic sport! I loved every minute of it.</p>

<p>Blazing the trail of discovery...</p>

<p>One of my kids participated many years ago, his team won regional but not national.
However, it was a great experience-- The team met once a week and they brainstorm techniques and ideas. The experience of working in group, the timing in team and individual responses were a great practice and exercise. The design of the T-shirts was very interesting.</p>

<p>Congratulations to your kids-- a terrific skills and experience. Another good program was "Reflections"</p>

<p>My son did several years of it and their team did make it to the world competition in high school. The creative problem solving and teamwork skills have actually morphed into a whole set of high school and collegiate skills that I can see him taking on into the workplace. It got him started on the path to doing Improv and he has never looked back. I also came to respect that this program makes a "team sport" possible for kids who don't do the athletic thing and gives them practice at many important skills.</p>

<p>mmaah-totally agree on the skill set that it develops. Also without OOTM my d would never have gotten into acting!</p>

<p>I just wanted to chime in my agreement re the skills that students can gain from OOTM. I have a S with Asperger's who greatly benefitted in all the ways that have been mentioned. And although his team never won, he formed some close friendships with a few other students who stuck with him in later yrs even though they were not nearly as passionate about OOTM than my Aspie S was!</p>

<p>My favorite aspect of OM is the "no outside assistance" rule. I love seeing all of the amazing costumes and props at the competitions and knowing that those wonderfully creative ideas actually came from the kids.</p>

<p>I still have a picture of the Team wearing their T-shirts.
My goodness, these kids grew so fast.</p>

<p>My neighbors son did OM through Junior year of HS and he now uses some props that they made as part of his portfolio for his Architectural Design major at College. Another girl that was part of his group majored in something like costume design in College. This is an EC that can really stretch some talents.</p>