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<p>Just wondering if a few people could chime in with how many schools they applied to/how many they plan to apply to. I'm trying to construct a list of the schools I will apply to and am finding it rather difficult! Also, if you could include kind of the "range" of schools you applied to/are applying to (like the safeties, matches, and reaches) that would be awesome. Thanks for any input!</p>

<p>I have a school picked out for ED, but if that doesn't work out I've whittled my list down to 7 other schools, so 8 in total.</p>

<p>I'm working on my college list as well! I'm planning on.. 1-2 safeties, 1-2 reaches and maybe 4-6 matches (grand total should be 5-8 schools). Not too sure though, the numbers keep changing for me, lol.</p>

<p>I applied to 13, including 7 reaches, 4 matches, and 2 safeties:</p>

<p>Reach: HYPS, Duke, Penn, Dartmouth
Match: Cornell, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, UVA
Safety: Michigan, Georgia Tech</p>

<p>I'm going to apply to 8. 3 safeties and 5 matches. I have not found a "reach" school that I have liked. UMich is the only thing that I consider to be a reach because I am OOS.</p>

<p>Less stress, honestly.</p>

<p>I applied to HYPS and my parents alma maters (Columbia and Minnesota) and that was it. I started with a longer list but eventually decided I'd be just as happy at the U of M as I would be at any of the schools I crossed off my list. Although I sort of wish I had found out about a few others when I was younger.</p>

<p>I applied to 12 and it wasn't that much work. Some schools don't have supplemental essays. And in total for schools that required big supplement essays, I only had to write 2 seeing some could be recycled.</p>

<p>I applied to 6 reaches and 6 likelies. The likelies were 3 matches and 3 safeties.</p>

<p>I got into all the likelies and 2 reaches. </p>

<p>Don't limit yourself by applying to few schools because you'll think you'll get in. In the end you might end up at your safety because you overestimated yourself. Then you'll wonder why you didn't apply to other schools.</p>

<p>My son applied to 7. One safety, 3 matches and 3 reaches. My advice is don't apply to anywhere that you really wouldn't consider attending. For example, if you aren't into the Ivy League, don't apply there just to see if you'll get in. It's a waste of money and takes spots away from others that really want to go there. College applications are expensive. Take the time to really decide where you want to go and then apply there.</p>

<p>I applied to 6, 1 safety, 4 matches, YALE :)</p>

<p>I applied to ten schools, but I didn't really break them down into safeties/matches/reaches. I guess the list would probably look like this, although it is strange because I have already received decisions from (almost) all of the schools.
Safety: Brandeis
Matches: Wesleyan, Johns Hopkins, Cornell
High Matches/ Low Reaches: (not sure where to put these schools because they are pretty much always reaches for any applicant, but I was accepted at all of them) UPenn, Columbia, Brown
Reaches: Harvard, Yale, Princeton</p>

<p>Plan on applying to 10-15 schools.</p>

<p>I think 12 is about right.</p>


LOL! It's always amusing seeing how skewed CC really is.</p>

<p>55.5% of seniors apply to 1-3 colleges. Only 21.9% apply to more than 5, and a mere 2.9% apply to more than 10. </p>

<p>Approximately 70% of students get into and attend their first choice. After all, ~90% of colleges accept more applicants than they reject.</p>

<p>CC is an anomaly in having lots of students applying to multiple colleges. This is no doubt a function of its much higher than average student pool -- among applicants to elite colleges, slightly more than half (~55%) applied to 6+ colleges. Interestingly, that number was ~40% only ten years ago. Quite a shift, eh?</p>

<p>I applied to 13 I believe, at UPenn right now.</p>

<p>Safety: Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Cornell
Between Safety/Matches: Dartmouth, WashU, Columbia,
Matches: UPenn, Duke
Reaches: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, MIT</p>

<p>Categories may not be accurate, but I'd say that's roughly the breakdown.</p>

<p>momfirst3 said:</p>

My advice is don't apply to anywhere that you really wouldn't consider attending.


<p>This is very good advice---particularly when it comes to selecting which schools to apply to as "safeties" in either the academic or financial sense. A school you are unwilling to go to should NOT be on your list!</p>

<p>Um Columbia and Dartmouth are not "safer" than Penn and Duke. Its probably the opposite.</p>

<p>I am not sure yet: as few as four (HYPS), and as many as nine (HYPS + Brown + UChicago + Michigan + UNC + U of I).</p>

<p>^ what are you planning to major in Silverturtle?</p>

<p>^ I am undecided.</p>

<p>The first in the graduating class at my school applied to 30 different schools. She will be attending Yale.</p>