Off- Campus Apartments for UCF 2019!? :)

Hello all! Me and my friend are slowly trying to figure out where to live for the upcoming fall term at UCF! We are both currently transfers and this entire transition is new for the both of us. At the moment after touring, we are interested in The Lofts and University House. We also checked out The Pointe and didn’t get the right vibe, as well as with Plaza being a little out of our price range. We both are leaning towards Loft and University but after looking at all these reviews both good and bad, we don’t know what’s the best choice, even with after deciding to add a roommate in the end(Price, Space, Benefits, Amenities, etc.) .

If anyone could help us with choosing what is the best option or alternatives that are better, Please help out!! It would help out so much! Thanks everyone again so much!!